I have a secret.  When I need some Churchin’ Up, I don’t go to the Triple Rock.  I go to the Church of Food.  Soul Food.  Lemme ‘splain…

On Saturday night, Johnny and I were visiting with my sister, who is one of three people on this entire planet who actually Gets me.  Because she is nice enough to understand the Mystery that is Me, she is one of my favorite people to hang out with.  Well, tonight, she told me that she might be moving to Mexico next year.  

So sad.  So very, very sad.  I cried.  Really.  

So after we left, I told Johnny that I wanted to go for a drink.

Then I had a better idea.

I told him that I wanted to go to my very favorite Moroccan restaurant, Marrakesh Cafe.  

So after some driving around trying to find the place, we finally located it.  (In Dallas, at Beltline and Coit.  In a building that used to be a Taco Bueno (???) FIND IT.  You will not regret it.)

We took our usual seats, at a table in the back of the restaurant.  The drapes dividing the tables lent an air of coziness.  Ahhh…

Of course we ordered the Moroccan mint tea.  But this time, instead of having some poor woman running around the entire restaurant with a teapot in her hand to refill everyone’s cup, they just brought us a whole pot of tea and left it there.  Much more efficient.  Thanks!

We ordered the mixed appetizer plate, which consisted of a cucumber/tomato salad, lamb sausages, eggplant dip (zalouk), and phyllo dough cigars containing hamburger meat.  Everything was DIVINE, as usual.

For our dinner, we got the best thing EVER.  We got chicken bastilla.  This is chicken and ground almonds wrapped in phyllo dough, then sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar.  Basically what this tasted like was chicken baklava.  Or maybe just baklava.  Trust me, this is the best thing EVER.  Absolutely amazing.  (And it went really well with the tea!) I would order it again in a heartbeat.

So thanks to the hospitality of the owner and waitstaff, along with the completely welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant, by the end of dinner, I was feeling much, much better.  I don’t know if it was the aromatherapy of the food, or if it was the slight buzz that I always get from the mint tea.  Or maybe, I was sensing the love that they put into their food.  

I told the owner that his restaurant’s food was Soul Food for me, and that I always felt better after going there. He gave me a hug. I LOVE this place!