On August 20, Johnny and I went to 560 by Wolfgang Puck for Restaurant Week. Never again.

The last time I had been to Reunion Tower, it was for my high school prom.  Back then, the restaurant was called Antares, and from what I remember, it was pretty good.  There were some complaints about it in its later years, but I’m sure that it was DEFINITELY never as bad as when we visited last Friday.

I will preface this entry by saying that I have never been impressed by fusion food.  It tends to water down the flavor of whatever food it is trying to emulate, and pandering to Whitey by losing the flavor that defines each nationality’s cuisine is a sad, sad thing.

But since this was a Puck restaurant, and since it was in Reunion Tower, I decided to give it a chance.  Despite my reservations, and despite the awful reviews that I had read.  I mean, at the very least, Johnny and I could go there and enjoy the view.  I should have paid attention to those reviews…

First of all, here is the view.  That is, when I wasn’t being blinded by the setting sun…

We didn’t even get to sit by the window.  They pretty much had us stuck in the interior of the seating area.  So the evening didn’t start off well AT ALL.

To start our meal, we both ordered the Sake shooter trio.  As in, each of us ordered a sampler.  We got ONE.

But we were getting the wine pairings with our meal anyway, and we didn’t want to get TOO schnockered, so we shared.  No biggie…

The sake trio consisted of a ginjo, a daiginjo, and a nigori sake.  The way the waiter–AND the accompanying info card– explained each type of sake was positively insulting.  Come on. If I’m in your restaurant, and I’m brave enough to try sushi, I’ve probably had a sip or two of sake in my lifetime.  Jeez…

I stole the nigori, and it was AMAZING. Ricey and smooth and sweet and yummy.  The daiginjo tasted a lot like gasoline.  The ginjo was pretty good  with floral, fruity notes, but the nigori was much, much better.

For his appetizer, Johnny had the maki roll.  I had previously asked the waiter what the roll of the evening was, and I got the response that it was the dreaded California roll.  How ordinary.

So I opted for the samosa trio.  But when Johnny got his roll, it was a TEMPURA SHRIMP roll.  Which was just as blah.  So whatevs.

My samosas were the size of Jeno’s pizza rolls.  and just as soggy…

The samosas were placed upon a blob of mint, tamarind, and coconut chutney, respectively.  They were filled with avocado.  Bland, tasteless avocado.  WTF???

My faith in fusion food was further destroyed with each passing bite…Ugh…

For my entree, I chose the lamb.  It was placed upon a tiny blob of lentils and drizzled with a mint/chimichurri sauce.  No flavor whatsoever.  Not even a gamey lamb taste.  Not even an herby or minty taste.  Nothing.  Which made me feel even more sorry for the cute little fuzzy animal that gave its life for my plate.  Its poor, wasted life.

Johnny got the salmon.  His entree was a teensy bit better than mine.  It was steamed, and I believe it had a soy glaze or something, and some leeks and other greenery on top.  *sigh*…

(Of course, in the photo, it looks like the salmon was on its Moon Cycle.)

(You’re welcome.)

For dessert, we each got the “chocolate” torte.

It was tiny (about 2 fingers wide) and sloppy.

Does this look like a chocolate torte to you????

(To me, it looked — and tasted — like something that they got frozen at Sam’s and thawed and sliced up.  Or maybe they got it from some random Chinese buffet’s dessert table? )

Soooo disappointing….

Ah well.  Hasta la vista 560.  And you might want to replace some of those lightbulbs…

Stephan Pyles, you had better be AMAZING….

(It’s a good thing that Stephan Pyles never disappoints!)